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Prevention campaign "love life" educates about sexually transmitted diseases
In a few days, the new information campaign "Love Life" will start to contain HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. This will replace the “Give AIDS No Chance” campaign, which has been running for years. According to Federal Minister of Health Gröhe, "good progress has been made in the fight against HIV", but efforts should not slow down.

Increase in dangerous sexually transmitted diseases
Just a few months ago, it was reported that more and more HIV infections are caused by reckless sex. And recently a government report revealed that in Germany there is a significant increase in serious sex disorders through dating portals. The new nationwide “Love Life” prevention campaign is designed to help curb HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. With the campaign, Germany's health authorities continue to focus on dealing openly with sexuality. However, it is also a matter of de-tabulating such diseases.

Efforts must not let up
As the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) reports in a press release, "Liebesleben" will replace the prevention campaign "Give AIDS no chance" from mid-May. Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe (CDU) explained: "'Don't give AIDS a chance' has made many people more aware of how to deal with HIV. Thanks to our prevention work and the high quality treatment in our country, we have made good progress in the fight against HIV. But the numbers also show that these efforts must not slow down. ”The former Federal Minister of Health, Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth said: "I welcome the contemporary development of" Give AIDS no chance "to love life and I am convinced that the new campaign will reach people."

Keep awareness of the risk of infection
As part of the new campaign, cartoons will be seen as poster motifs with sayings such as "No matter what you stand on, use condoms" or "Your ex is still itching? Off to the doctor ”. The messages are said to be read on more than 65,000 billboards. According to the information, the campaign costs around four million euros. The comic motifs are said to reflect the colorful variety of sexuality. In addition, they should - without raising their index fingers - keep in mind the risk of infection with HIV, syphilis and other venereal diseases. And obviously this is sorely needed. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported at the end of last year that syphilis is spreading rapidly in Germany. According to surveys by the BZgA, only around half of those interviewed are aware of the risk of contracting syphilis and gonorrhea, 13 percent of hepatitis and 10 percent of chlamydia.

Current government strategy
The “Love Life” information campaign is also available on Twitter and Facebook. In addition, a kind of new edition of the cinema and TV spot classic "Tina, what do the condoms cost?" From 1989 is on the program. In the current clip, actor Ingolf Lück is shopping with his film son in the supermarket and is experiencing condom buying from a new perspective. According to the BZgA, the new campaign is part of the Federal Government's current strategy to curb HIV, hepatitis and other sexually transmitted infections, which the Federal Cabinet adopted on April 6, 2016. (ad)

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