Orthopedics: are flip-flops harmful to the feet?

Orthopedics: are flip-flops harmful to the feet?

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Critics warn of foot damage from flip-flops
In summer temperatures, many people like to wear flip-flops as often as possible. Because the plastic slippers let air to your feet, are comfortable and provide a pleasant holiday feeling. But critics always warn that the shoes damage the feet. Is that correct? Or is it more of a myth? In an interview with the news agency "dpa", Dr. med. Sebastian Manegold from the Berlin Charité.

No problem for healthy feet
"Don't run so much in flip-flops, they are bad for your feet!" Sentences like this are heard by fans of the popular beach sandals all the time in summer. But is there really anything in the warning? "No" says the head of the foot and ankle surgery section at the Charité Center for Musculoskeletal Surgery, Dr. Sebastian Manegold. At least not if the wearer has healthy feet without pronounced misalignments.

Risk of injury from toe sandals is higher
However, the gait pattern would also change in this case, because a natural gait is not possible with the plastic sandals. "Otherwise you push yourself off with your toes, it is more the case with flip-flops that you try to fix the shoe with them," explains the expert. So it is more likely to be clenched with the toes - but according to the doctor, this is in itself not harmful to the feet. However, it should of course be borne in mind that the flip-flops can cause injuries more quickly, for example when exercising or walking on cobblestones.

Pollutants in the plastic possible
If you like to wear flip-flops, you should take a closer look when buying. Because the slippers are made of plastic, they can possibly contain harmful substances. For example, a test by WDR last year had shown that most flip-flops were contaminated with chemicals. At that time, the transmitter had twelve models from all price ranges examined in the laboratory. Solvents, heavy metals and health-endangering polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) were found in many shoes. (No)

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