Zika virus is also transmitted through sexual contact between men

Zika virus is also transmitted through sexual contact between men

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According to the US authorities, the man is infected
In the United States, a man infected his partner through sexual contact with the Zika virus. This is reported by the AFP news agency, citing the US health authorities. Accordingly, the transmission of the pathogen is also possible between men. So far, only cases were known in which men had sexually infected their women.

Contagion after return from South America
A man from the United States has been shown to have infected his partner with the Zika virus. According to the AFP, the US health agency "Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" (CDC) has announced. According to the report, the transfer took place in January in the US state of Texas after the man returned from a stay in Venezuela. The confirmed case shows that men can also pass on the pathogen to one another via sexual contact. So far, at least five cases have been reported in which men have infected their women in this way.

No unprotected sex for at least six months
The health agency advised affected men not to have unprotected sex for at least six months. This applies to cases in which a Zika infection has already been diagnosed, but also to men who have typical symptoms such as fever, joint pain or conjunctivitis. The infection itself is usually harmless and usually goes unnoticed, but the virus transmitted by mosquitoes is particularly dangerous for pregnant women and their unborn babies.

Relation to microcephaly confirmed
It was only on Wednesday that the CDC provided evidence of the connection between prenatal Zika infection and skull malformations. According to this, the virus, which is particularly prevalent in Latin America, can lead to microcephaly, a developmental feature that is characterized by a comparatively small skull. This can lead to brain malformations, which often affects the children affected mentally and suffer from neurological disorders. It is also believed that the virus can trigger the so-called “Guillain-Barré syndrome”. This is an inflammatory disease of the nerves, which is characterized by increasing paralysis and sensitivity disorders and, in the worst case, can be fatal. (No)

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