Stroke: prompt emergency treatment for brain infarction is vital for survival

Stroke: prompt emergency treatment for brain infarction is vital for survival

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The popular singer Roger Cicero, according to various media reports, died unexpectedly from the consequences of a brain attack at the age of only 45. This is a form of stroke that disrupts brain oxygenation. Fast treatment is particularly important for this life-threatening illness.

Roger Cicero dies at the age of 45
It just became known that the popular jazz singer Roger Cicero apparently passed away unexpectedly on Thursday at the age of 45. As various media report, the musician has suffered a so-called "brain infarction". This is a type of stroke ("ischemic stroke"), which is caused by a sudden reduced blood flow to the brain. The cause of the circulatory disorder is usually a vascular occlusion by a blood clot, but bleeding in the brain can also be responsible.

If the supply of oxygen to the brain is restricted by the vascular occlusion, the affected person shows typical symptoms such as paralysis of the side, a drooping corner of the mouth as well as visual or speech disorders (murmur, word finding problems). Difficulty walking, balance problems, severe headache or dizziness are also possible. If such warning signs appear, an emergency doctor must be called immediately. Because only through quick action and early treatment can the brain be supplied with oxygen as quickly as possible and consequential damage prevented. If, on the other hand, the cerebral infarction is not recognized at all or is recognized too late, it can lead to serious mental and physical disabilities or even to death within a relatively short time.

Almost 40 percent of those affected die within a year
Almost 270,000 people suffer a stroke in Germany every year, according to the “dpa”, citing the German Stroke Aid Foundation. About a fifth of the patients die within four weeks, 37 percent within a year. The main risk factors are high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking and a lack of exercise. (No)

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