Color correctly: tricks and tips for the perfect and natural Easter egg

Color correctly: tricks and tips for the perfect and natural Easter egg

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Store correctly and color brightly: Tips for the perfect Easter egg
Statistically speaking, a German eats an average of 200 eggs a year. Everyone is talking about eggs, especially at Easter. In order to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the big party breakfast, care should be taken to ensure correct storage. You can dye the colorful Easter eggs with natural ingredients.

So that nothing goes wrong at Easter breakfast
Eggs are traditionally booming at Easter. The question of whether to buy colorful Easter eggs or to dye them yourself often turns out to be in favor of doing it yourself. There are many ways to color them naturally. According to health experts, you don't have to worry much about cholesterol: at Easter, three eggs are okay. A message from the dpa news agency summarizes some tricks and tips that make the eggs particularly successful. So nothing should go wrong with the big Easter breakfast.

Store with the pointed end down
Even if it is widespread, eggs should not be scared off. With the cold water, bacteria can get into the inside of the ice through fine cracks in the shell, warned the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture. Eggs are best stored in the egg compartment of the refrigerator - with the pointed end down, then they will last longer. This is advised by the initiative "Too good for the bin!" Of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). This way the air chamber is up. If they are stored the other way round, it can happen that the air bubble rises at some point, which causes the egg skin to detach and germs to penetrate.

Bake without eggs
If vegans come over to eat or eat egg allergies, you can also bake vegan. As the German Vegetarian Federation (Vebu) explained, egg can be replaced with flaxseed, for example. That goes with wholemeal biscuits, among other things. Two tablespoons of ground flaxseed mixed with three tablespoons of water replace an egg. Bananas are ideal for baking cakes. One fruit replaces two eggs. Crush the banana and stir into the batter. Another alternative is apple sauce: three spoons of it replace an egg. It is very suitable for muffins and moist dough. The apple taste is largely lost when baking.

Color Easter eggs yourself
Since the colorful list of colored Easter eggs sometimes lacks the ingredient list, customers who want to know which dye was used and whether the eggs are coated with a protective varnish should ask in the shop, the consumer advises initiative. Sellers need to know the exact ingredients, or at least be able to check them. As the initiative "Germany - My Garden" emphasized, Easter eggs can also be easily colored by yourself. Depending on the color, you choose suitable vegetables and chop them. 200 grams of it are then mixed with a liter of water and a tablespoon of vinegar. Let it simmer for half an hour. Ingredients such as spinach or parsley color the eggs green, carrots are used for orange, and beetroot and red cabbage are suitable for red.

Organic or free range products
When buying, you should make sure to select eggs with a smooth shell if they are to be colored later. Because the color adheres best to it, as the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture announced. In addition, the colors of eggs with a white shell are clearer than those of brown shells. The color of the eggshell has no influence on taste, nutrients or vitamins. The composition and the quality of the feed have an effect on the quality of the eggs. For this reason and also in order to protect nature and the environment as much as possible, it is advised to buy eggs preferably from organic or free range. (ad)

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