Severe infection from tampon: Young patient with toxic shock syndrome delivered to the note

Severe infection from tampon: Young patient with toxic shock syndrome delivered to the note

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Exam stress: 20-year-old woman almost died from forgotten tampon
Internal unrest, stress and fear of exams are common. Some people are forgetful when tests come up. So also a 20 year old English woman. She forgot her tampon and almost died because of it. The risk of infection is then very high!

Forgot tampon because of exam stress
England's 20-year-old Emily Pankhurst forgot an imported tampon that poisoned her blood and almost cost her life. As the British media reported, the young criminology student at the University of Canterbury was in constant stress when her menstruation started due to upcoming exams. This was probably the reason why she forgot her imported tampon and did not replace it with a new one. When she saw him nine days later, Emily was already very sick.

Nine days in the body
The removed and immediately disposed of tampon was "deep black" and "obviously coated with bacteria". The 20-year-old initially felt uncomfortable, had flu-like symptoms and a bloated stomach. But within a short time, her condition worsened. The young woman got a rash with red spots and also speech disorders. When she finally became weaker and fainted, she was taken to the clinic in an ambulance.

Patient wants to draw attention to toxic shock syndrome
After suspected blood poisoning, which had already been reported in the ambulance, the doctors in the hospital quickly found that Emily had all the symptoms of toxic shock syndrome (TSS). She was taken to the intensive care unit and was artificially fed and treated with antibiotics for three days. Due to her extreme complaints, she also received strong pain relievers. According to her own statements, the young woman still finds it difficult to walk. As Emily said, her story went public, hoping to help others take care of her health and "not take life for granted" because you never know what's coming.

Pathogens enter the body via tampons
TSS is an infectious disease with the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium. In theory, the bacteria can penetrate the body through any wound, but the pathogens often get into the body via tampons, especially if they stay in the body for too long. In addition to high fever, typical symptoms include headache, dizziness, a drop in blood pressure, an itchy rash, as well as muscle pain, nausea and diarrhea. Infection can also lead to severe circulatory and organ failure.

Manufacturers should use different materials
Although the disease occurs extremely rarely with one case per 200,000 inhabitants, it can be fatal, as the case of 13-year-old Jemma-Louise Roberts from Great Britain showed. The Greater Manchester girl died of toxic shock syndrome a few months ago. A few years ago, a celebrity's TSS case caused an international sensation. At that time, former Vogue model Lauren Wasser lost a leg, even though she said she had followed the rules and changed her tampons regularly. The American is certain that wrong material and a lack of information are to blame for everything. Since then, Lauren Wasser has been campaigning for a change in the materials used for tampons. According to some experts, 100 percent cotton tampons would pose a significantly lower risk. The majority of producers - also in Germany - use a mix of viscose fiber and cotton, or pure viscose. (ad)

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