Christmas: For children, rituals are more important than big gifts

Christmas: For children, rituals are more important than big gifts

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The pre-Christmas season begins in a few weeks and many parents are already thinking about gifts for the children. In many families there is disagreement about what and how much should be given away. The gifts for children are by no means the only important thing about Christmas. Instead, fixed rituals such as the writing of the wish list is often even more important.

Consultation with relatives prevents the flood of gifts
"How many packets should our 4-year-old get?", "Are two big gifts better or several small ones?", "Do we just want to give toys or something practical?" Most parents know questions like these when Christmas is approaching and slowly the gifts for the children are planned. Often there are discrepancies, because the attitude towards this topic and the personal taste can vary widely.

But how many gifts make sense from an expert perspective? "It is very different and has a lot to do with the educational attitude, but of course also with the wallet," explains Ulric Ritzer-Sachs from the online consultation of the Federal Conference for Educational Consulting (bke) to the news agency "dpa". In order to avoid a "flood of gifts", it may make sense to consult with grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. In general, according to Ritzer-Sachs, it is good to follow the formula "less, but purposeful" - which means that the gifts for the children should be something special and should really be fun. It is therefore advisable not only to fulfill the wishes, but also to give something that the child does not expect.

Don't overwhelm small children with large packages
"The parents control expectations," explains Ritzer-Sachs. So if the child is used to finding lots of huge packages under the Christmas tree from an early age, a sudden change would lead to disappointment. Therefore, it is advisable, especially for small children, to avoid many packages or large and expensive gifts, "otherwise you can not top that," said the expert.

For many children, fixed rituals such as e.g. writing and hiding a wish list. Christmas time in particular offers many opportunities to involve the children and e.g. together to make an advent wreath or bake cookies. Rituals such as opening the Advent calendar every day or singing Christmas carols together can also help children to bridge the exciting wait until Christmas Eve. (No)

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