In case of hoarseness or sore throat, more fluid, fresh air and no speaking

In case of hoarseness or sore throat, more fluid, fresh air and no speaking

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Speak little and lots of fresh air - what really helps with hoarseness
Autumn is usually a time of cold. After an infection, sufferers suffer from numerous complaints such as cough, runny nose and hoarseness. Some then take medication, others tend to use natural home remedies. What really helps?

Voice like an "out of tune violin"
When it gets a little cooler in autumn, the first ones come to school or work with a scratchy voice and a sore throat. Especially the hoarseness that comes with a cold often affects those affected.

General practitioner Hans Michael Mühlenfeld said in a message from the dpa news agency: "One is hoarse when the vocal organ - the larynx - is irritated by inflammation." The larynx swells as a defense reaction against the virus infection. The vocal cords can no longer swing freely, and the voice sounds hoarse, explains Mühlenfeld, who is also chairman of the General Practitioners' Association in Bremen. "It sounds like an out of tune violin or guitar."

In the cold season you can quickly catch a virus
It is not that easy to prevent. According to Mühlendorf, the viruses are floating in the air - and especially in the cold season, when you usually spend a lot of time in closed rooms, it is easy to catch a virus. He therefore recommends getting as much fresh air as possible in autumn and winter and spending as little time as possible on buses, subways or trams. In addition, you should not put a negative load on your body, for example through smoking. As a preventive measure, it is also always recommended to strengthen the immune system. Health experts advise too much sleep, a balanced vitamin-rich diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, and to avoid alcohol.

Be careful with the vocal cords
But if you get caught, the most important thing is to "accept the body's signals," says Mühlendorf. The family doctor recommends shifting down a gear and avoiding excessive physical exertion. In addition, one should urgently spare the voice in hoarseness. "Speaking little helps to put the body in a position to better implement healing," said the expert. In most cases, the doctor advises against medication. The disease signals of the body are hidden by medication, the affected person feels healthy and therefore overworked his body.

Inhale water vapor
There are many natural things that help against colds. For example, various home remedies for hoarseness are available. Mühlendorf recommends inhaling water vapor as an active remedy, because the larynx needs warmth and air humidity. You can also add table salt or sage to the water. Another option is to gargle with this water. People affected should generally drink a lot of fluid because the larynx needs moisture. In addition to water, tea is particularly suitable. However, the following applies: "There is no panacea." (Ad)

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