Better not peel tomatoes! The best is in the bowl

Better not peel tomatoes! The best is in the bowl

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Don't peel! Healthy tomatoes carry the best in their skins
Most people are aware that it is better not to peel many types of fruit and vegetables. Healthy plant substances are often contained in the shell. This also applies to tomatoes.

Healthy ingredient in the shell
With many types of fruit and vegetables, healthy phytochemicals are often found in or directly under the skin. Lycopene, for example, not only gives tomatoes their red color, but also makes them very healthy. According to an older study, this red plant substance even protects against stroke. “So consumers should never peel tomatoes. Otherwise they miss the best, ”explained the consumer information service“ aid ”in a message.

Lower cholesterol
Lycopene is a carotenoid that has an antioxidant effect and protects the cells in the human body. It is also said to contribute to lowering cholesterol, ie reducing the “bad” LDL cholesterol level. Lycopene is also fat-soluble and heat-resistant. Prepared tomatoes, such as in soup or in sauce, are therefore at least as healthy as raw. Since tomatoes consist of around 90 percent water, they are particularly low in calories and therefore well suited for light cuisine.

Rich in vitamin C and fiber
Furthermore, tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, potassium and fiber. They are best stored at room temperature, they lose their delicious aroma in the refrigerator. Dark and airy storage is ideal. It has only recently been reported that genetically modified purple tomatoes may also be grown for health in the future. At the moment you can often find orange or green varieties on the market and in the vegetable section. According to the aid experts, these usually don't taste any worse than the red ones. However, this does not apply to the small cherry tomatoes: they should be enjoyed as ripe and red as possible. (ad)

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