Is the milk healthy or harmful?

Is the milk healthy or harmful?

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Milk used to be the epitome of healthy eating. With the advent of vegan diets and increased health awareness, this has changed rapidly in recent years. Instead, more and more people are turning to alternatives such as almond or soy milk. But does milk really make you sick or fat? Shouldn't we be eating cheese anymore? A meta study, i.e. an evaluation of numerous other studies, came to interesting insights.

For a long time, milk was considered a healthy food. But then various studies indicated that milk may also promote certain diseases. Bavaria is now fighting with scientific support against the increasing number of milk opponents. Healthy natural product or hazardous to health?

Most people have always considered milk to be a healthy natural product that strengthens bones and teeth, among other things. However, several studies have been published in recent years that indicated that milk may promote diseases such as asthma or diabetes. In addition, lactose intolerance (lactose intolerance) is diagnosed more and more frequently in Germany. Affected people get symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea or flatulence after eating dairy products. It is therefore controversial among experts whether milk should be regarded more as healthy or unhealthy food. In Bavaria, one is obviously sure of the rating.

Bavarian government against milk opponents
The state government there is fighting with scientific support against the increasing number of milk opponents, reports the dpa news agency. A new meta study commissioned by Agriculture Minister Helmut Brunner (CSU) has come to the conclusion that milk is actually healthy and in no way harmful to health, as claimed in internet forums and in some studies. The minister said: "Milk is and remains a healthy and valuable food and an important part of a balanced diet." In meta studies, the results of the previously published individual studies on a topic are analyzed by the scientists.

400 milk studies evaluated
For the current study, the Competence Center for Nutrition Bavaria and the Max Rubner Institute in Karlsruhe reportedly evaluated almost 400 milk studies. Her conclusion is: "A large part of the allegations lacks any scientific basis." As it is said, the common allegations against milk include that milk increases the risk of broken bones and the bone disease osteoporosis. Other skeptics would argue that consuming milk more often increases the risk of certain cancers. However, the scientists commissioned by Brunner come to the conclusion that health-promoting properties are observed in the majority of the studies. A well-known doctor from the Free State had recently referred to the positive aspects of milk in a press report. Prof. Reiner Bartl, head of the "Osteoporosis Center at the Cathedral" in Munich, explained that milk or mineral water with calcium can help prevent osteoporosis. (ad)

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