Study: Exercise could lower breast cancer risk

Study: Exercise could lower breast cancer risk

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Does exercise help to reduce the risk of breast cancer?
Breast cancer is the cancer with the highest death rate among women in Germany. Around 17,500 women die of it every year and around 70,000 fall ill each year. According to a new study, regular exercise could lower the risk of breast cancer in some women.

Obesity shares responsibility for breast cancer
Around 17,500 women die of breast cancer in Germany every year, and around 70,000 fall ill each year. According to the German Society for Senology (DGS), around 80 percent of sick women can now be successfully treated. However, a lot depends on early diagnosis. Health experts make lifestyle factors such as lack of exercise or overweight or obesity partly responsible for the high number of breast cancer diseases. Various studies have shown that regular exercise is useful to prevent the risk of breast cancer. Doctors therefore repeatedly point out that breast cancer can be prevented by exercise. In a study, new insights have now been gained.

Women often gain weight after menopause
The investigation by Alberta Health Services researchers in Canada looked at the question of how far a workout can help postmenopausal women to lower their risk of breast cancer, reports the internet portal "". According to the portal, women who produce a large amount of the sex hormone estrogen or who are late in menopause have an increased risk of breast cancer. The risk increases even with overweight. Because women who have gone through the menopause tend to increase, breast cancer is often found in the elderly.

Reduce belly fat through sport
The scientists selected 400 women over the age of 50 for the study and asked them to exercise regularly. Half of them went to the gym five times a week for half an hour, which is within the scope of the recommendation of many health organizations, including the German Heart Foundation. The other half trained for an hour on five days. The subjects in the second group lost more weight, including much of the notorious belly fat. This surrounds vital organs, releases fatty acids and can produce hormones that harm the body. Among other things, belly fat increases the risk of hardening of the arteries, which is associated with stroke, heart attack, sudden cardiac death and other cardiovascular diseases.

Five hours of exercise a week
The current study, which was published in the specialist magazine "JAMA Oncology", showed that the women who exercised for half an hour reduced their risk of breast cancer by 4.6 percent. Those who moved for an hour managed a 6.9 percent reduction. The group of participants was relatively small, but the researchers received positive feedback: "Post-menopausal women could benefit from a workout because there is a tendency towards weight gain and weight gain after the menopause," she said Director of Studies Dr. Jessica Friedenreich. “In addition, body fat, belly fat and weight gain increase the risk of developing postmenopausal breast cancer. Our conclusion is a basis for encouraging post-menopausal women to exercise at least 300 minutes a week. ”The expert added that people of all ages would benefit from more exercise. Sport is not only recommended for preventive reasons. It also lends itself to cancer therapy: exercise increases well-being because it strengthens the immune system, improves heart-lung function and increases self-esteem. (ad)

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