Investigation: Blue-eyed people particularly like to drink alcohol

Investigation: Blue-eyed people particularly like to drink alcohol

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People with blue eyes have an increased risk of alcohol addiction
A person's eye color could have far more meaning than previously thought. Scientists from the University of Vermont found that people with blue eyes are particularly susceptible to alcohol and become addicted to alcohol. This also applies to people with other bright eye colors such as green or gray, the researchers write in the journal "American Journal of Medical Genetics: Neuropsychiatric Genetics".

Blue eyed to alcohol?
People with blue eyes should pay attention to their alcohol consumption. This is suggested by a study by researchers Arvis Sulovari and Dawei Li from the University of Vermont. Accordingly, the risk of alcohol addiction is significantly higher in people with light-colored eyes than in people with brown eyes because both information - the eye color and the tendency to drink alcohol - are encoded on the same chromosome.

As part of their study, the researchers examined and interviewed 1,263 white Americans with alcohol problems. As it turned out, the study participants with blue eyes were most likely to be addicted to alcohol. Sulovari and Li also classified people with green or gray eyes as highly at risk. "This offers a fascinating opportunity to use eye color in the clinic when diagnosing alcohol addiction," Sulovari comments on the study results.

After recognizing the relationship between eye color and alcohol consumption, the scientists repeated their experiment with a new arrangement. In this way, they wanted to find out whether factors such as gender, age as well as ethnic and geographical backgrounds influence the result. The results withstood all tests. The researchers' investigation confirms an experiment from 2000 that gave the same result. "But we don't know the reason yet," says Li. This is now to be investigated in further studies.

The researchers hope their results will help them find better ways to track down the development of alcoholism and other mental illnesses. (ag)

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