Skinny jeans: Doctors warn of nerve damage from too tight pants

Skinny jeans: Doctors warn of nerve damage from too tight pants

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Doctors warn of health risks from tight pants
"Skinny jeans" are in vogue and are increasingly and often worn by women and men. The skin-tight pants are considered to be comfortable and stylish and are currently the most popular version of jeans, especially for women. But the hip pants obviously also involve dangers, because doctors warn of possible health risks. A woman from Australia was now able to experience this literally firsthand: "The patient had to be cut out of her jeans and given medical care for several days after muscle and nerve damage had developed from squatting too long."

Health risk from tight pants
"Skinny jeans" have not only been popular since the advent of hipsters. Skinny pants have long been a trend in men and women. Even though they are not exactly comfortable to wear and also pose health risks. It has long been known that tight pants in men can damage the quality of sperm. But they are not necessarily safe for women either. Scientists report the case of a woman from Australia who no longer felt her feet after a long squat and was unable to walk. She had to be cut out of her tight pants.

Nerves depressed in the lower legs
Thomas Kimber from the University of Adelaide and colleagues report on the case in the current Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. According to this, the 35-year-old woman from Adelaide helped a relative move and spent several hours crouching. She got calf pain and her legs failed on the way home. The woman stumbled, lay on the floor, unable to move, it took a few hours for someone to find her and take her to a hospital. Her calves were so thick that she had to be cut out of her pants there. With her “skinny jeans” the nerves in the lower legs had been squeezed out during hours of squatting. The patient barely noticed touches on the lower legs and feet, the woman could hardly move her ankles and toes. Her knees showed normal reflexes.

Muscles showed signs of disintegration
According to a report by “”, the doctors noticed that the patient was beginning to experience rhabdomyolysis. Your muscles were already showing signs of disintegration, as can be seen from an increased creatine kinase value in the blood. It is an enzyme that is in the muscles. Severe rhabdomyolysis can cause kidney failure, but the woman's kidneys are reported to work normally. It turned out that the nerves at the upper end of her calf legs were blocked. The pressure from the tightness of the pants and the squatting had resulted in neuropathy in the shin and fibula, and the swollen muscles squeezed by the tight jeans had put pressure on the nerves.

Fall of the Australians represents a previously unknown neurological complication The neurologists therefore warned not to wear tight pants if you have to squat or kneel longer. Otherwise you could become a “fashion victim”. “In previous reports of neuropathy, the risks of wearing tight jeans have so far been limited to lesions of the lateral cutaneous nerves of the thigh, which are likely to be caused by compression of the nerve on the groin ligament. The present case thus represents a new neurological complication of wearing skinny jeans, ”the researchers said in their article.

The "skinny jeans syndrome" was finally treated with the intravenous supply of liquid. The edema in the legs receded, the feeling in the feet returned and after a few days the woman was able to leave the clinic. (ad, no)

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