Families: Fidgety children need specific suggestions

Families: Fidgety children need specific suggestions

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Concrete suggestions can bring fidgety children to rest

Many parents sometimes come up against their limits when raising children, especially when their children are full of energy, constantly restless and fidgety. The online counseling service provided by the Federal Conference on Educational Counseling (bke) offers young people and parents fast, anonymous and professional support. However, even small changes in everyday life can already help against the fidgeting and nagging, reports the news agency "dpa", citing Ulric Ritzer-Sachs from bke online advice.

According to the expert, the parents of particularly restless children should ask themselves what the child's free time looks like and, if necessary, give specific employment tips. "It cannot dissipate excess energy in front of the screen," Ulric Ritzer-Sachs is quoted by the news agency "dpa". Lots of romp and sufficient time outdoors should be ensured every day if possible. Parents are also asked here. Announcements such as "Now be quiet," remain little promising, Ritzer-Sachs continues. The children could not do much with these. Remedial action would, however, “offer proposals that are as concrete as possible”.

If in doubt, see a pediatrician
For example, Ritzer-Sachs recommends that the parents suggest to their children that they sit down and read a book or paint a picture for ten minutes. Whether the children can do this also depends on their age, the expert continues. The basic rule of thumb here is that children can sit still for about a minute per year of life ”. For example, children teeter on the chair while doing their homework or change their seating position every five minutes, according to Ritzer-Sachs, parents should simply accept this. "If the task is still working, everything is wonderful", the expert is quoted by the "dpa". If in doubt, parents may also ask a pediatrician for advice if they feel that their child is remarkably fidgety and restless.

Counseling services for parents and children
Since 2004, almost 66,000 young people and parents have turned to bke online advice, with issues such as bullying, addictions, family disputes and divorces being particularly common. But "taboo topics such as experiences of violence or abuse are often easier to address online than in on-site advice," reports the Federal Conference on Educational Advice. The nationwide advisory service is available at www.bke-beratung.de or via the “bke-beratung” app, whereby adolescents between the ages of 14 and 21 and parents of underage children can access the advice free of charge. (fp)

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