Paelo Diet: Less Weight With Stone Age Eating

Paelo Diet: Less Weight With Stone Age Eating

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Stone Age food helps you lose weight

How best to lose weight? That is the question that concerns many people. The so-called Paelo diet is currently in trend, with the food being almost exclusively as in the Stone Age. But doctors warn: high meat consumption is anything but healthy.

Food combining, raw food, vegan: Alternative nutritional concepts are booming. The so-called paleo diet is now popular with some people. Their followers eat like in the Stone Age: meat and vegetables yes, grain and milk no. Nutritionists are critical.

Eat like in the Stone Age
Meat, fish, seafood, eggs, fruit and vegetables, as well as mushrooms, nuts and honey are okay, but sugar or milk are not: Paleo fans rely on food like in the Stone Age. The basic idea is to eat what prehistoric people consumed in the Stone Age over 20,000 years ago. This form of nutrition is therefore also called the "Stone Age diet" or "Stone Age nutrition". It applies that what was added through agriculture and cattle breeding is taboo: cereals and thus bread or muesli as well as milk and thus yoghurt or butter, but also sugar.

Diet trend finds more followers
Among other things, the Paleo diet is very popular with many active athletes. The food trend has been popular in the USA for a long time, now it is also finding more followers in Germany. As the dpa news agency reports, the “Mammeo” in Frankfurt's Bornheim district is one of the few restaurants in Germany where people cook, bake and drink like in the Palaeolithic, the Paleolithic. Sariya Forkel started doing this a year ago. From mid-May, the 28-year-old wants to open her café with lunch on weekends in the evenings and then offer "really nice steaks". There are only a few role models: in 2011 the “Sauvage” opened in Berlin-Neukölln, in 2013 an - even larger - branch was added to Prenzlauer Berg.

Different reasons for the Stone Age food
Meat and fish fans can often be found among the supporters of this diet. However, many also rely on the "Stone Age food" for other reasons, for example because they suffer from lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance (gluten allergy). In some guides, supporters advocate effective protection against numerous western common diseases that only emerged through the emergence of advanced civilizations. According to this, the meat diet should protect against heart attack, obesity and diabetes. Forkel, who has been feeding herself according to the rules of the Paleo diet for around three years, said: "I didn't want to eat processed food anymore." . The motto of their shop is: "Real Food".

Nutrition experts against "nutritional dogmatism"
However, nutritionists are rather critical of the whole. According to dpa, Susanne Klaus, who heads the working group Physiology of Energy Metabolism at the German Institute for Nutritional Research, rejects any "nutritional dogmatism". This is sometimes "a kind of religious substitute". There are also critics who accuse the representatives of this diet that the statements regarding the Stone Age lifestyle consist of pure hypotheses for which there is no scientific evidence. From a scientific point of view, the reconstruction of nutrition during the Stone Age is only partially possible. Among other things, it is not clear whether Stone Age people really ate meat in the foreground. There is also criticism that the Stone Age diet is not adapted to modern people, who are less physically active today than in prehistoric times. (ad)

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