Risks from releasing the "morning-after pill"?

Risks from releasing the

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Doctors fear increased problems with the use of the "morning-after pill"

With the release of the sale of the "morning-after pill" from pharmacies since last Sunday, the options for retrospective contraception have been significantly simplified, but medical professionals are increasingly afraid of errors in use, which in turn could increase the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

The "morning-after pill" delays ovulation by around five days, which should prevent fertilization. She can avoid unwanted pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse or in the event of a contraceptive failure. Until now, delivery in Germany was only possible with a prescription, so there was a minimum of medical supervision. Since Sunday women have been able to buy the pill without a prescription in the pharmacy.

Hormone preparations prevent unwanted pregnancies The preparations with the active ingredients levonorgestrel, which must be taken at least 72 hours after sexual intercourse, and ulipristal acetate, which must be taken at the latest 120 hours afterwards, offer relatively effective ways of avoiding unwanted pregnancies. However, errors in use could impair the safety of the hormone preparations. Medical experts are therefore critical of the lack of medical control.

Lack of medical control? The "pill after that" is most often taken by 16 to 20 year olds, reports the "Rheinische Post". Advice on use is provided directly in the pharmacy. Only girls under the age of 14 should be sent by the pharmacists for a medical consultation before dispensing, the Rheinische Post continued. There is fear of increased uncertainty in use, because various factors, such as body weight, can have a significant impact on the effects of the preparations. (fp)

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