Recall: Alnatura sesame with salmonella

Recall: Alnatura sesame with salmonella

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Organic chain launch recall campaign for salmonella in sesame

After Sesammus from the organic chain Alnatura Salmonella was found in a glass, the company launched a recall campaign for "Alnatura Tahin (Sesammus)" with a best-before date of May 9, 2016. In view of the impending health risks, consumers are strongly advised not to consume them.

Alnatura reports that all glasses with the corresponding best-before date have already been taken out of the shop as a precaution. Customers who have previously purchased the Sesammus should return it. The best before date can be read on the edge of the lid. According to Alnatura, customers receive "of course a replacement for the returned items." Other batches of the product are not affected by the recall.

Impending gastrointestinal diseases from Salmonella Salmonella are germs that can cause gastrointestinal diseases in the form of salmonellosis. This is mainly characterized by symptoms such as diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. A salmonella infection is often over after a few days, even without drug treatment. There is also the option of using antibiotics to combat the disease. However, the infection can become critical, especially for people who are already weakened, not least because the body loses a great deal of fluid and as a result threatens dehydration.

Searching for the causes Alnatura points out that the "manufacturer partner of Alnatura Tahin has decades of experience in the manufacture of this product" and that no salmonella findings have ever occurred. Actually, all germs that may be contained in the raw materials should be reliably killed by heating the product several times and appropriate modern systems prevent the subsequent entry of germs. How the Salmonella can get into the sesame is therefore initially unclear. "Even if the germs were only detected in a single glass here, we will closely investigate the findings together with our manufacturer partner," said Alnatura's press release. (fp)

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