Pedicure: This is how nail fungus is fixed

Pedicure: This is how nail fungus is fixed

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Foot care: how to get rid of nail fungus

Numerous people suffer from nail fungus. This fungal infection is often not painful, but leads to feelings of shame in most of those affected, since the nails become whitish-yellowish or brownish in color and thicken. Proper foot care can help many people, not just because of the aesthetics.

Fungal infection is still a taboo subject. People with beautiful, well-groomed nails usually like to show them. However, if you suffer from nail fungus, you prefer to hide the whitish-yellow or brownish-colored nails. Although nail fungus is common, infection is still a taboo subject. The toenails in particular are affected by the fungi, less often the fingernails. Onychomycosis, as doctors call it, is often preceded by athlete's foot. A message from the dpa news agency reports on the fungal infection and preventive measures.

Different signs of a nail fungus In addition to the discoloration, brittle nails can also be an indication of onychomycosis. Other signs are when nails thicken or partially detach from the nail bed. According to the information, the fungus usually appears on the upper or side nail edge. It is rarer on the nail root: According to the experts at the Institute for Economic Efficiency and Quality in Health Care (IQWiG), this form often affects people with a severely weakened immune system. It is also said that white spots form on the surface of the nail in the so-called white superficial nail fungus.

Nail fungus often caused by athlete's foot In most cases, nail fungus is caused by skin fungi (dermatophytes). It can also be caused by yeast or mold - however, yeasts are more common on the fingernails. Because many people have athlete's foot at the same time, it is believed that this infection can cause nail fungus. Therefore, reducing the risk of athlete's foot is of great importance to prevent nail fungus. There are various home remedies for athlete's foot, for example with the help of apple cider vinegar or self-urine therapy. Since often a weakened immune system plays an important role, home remedies can help here, which should strengthen the immune system from the inside. The basis for good defense is a healthy, wholesome and, above all, vitamin-rich diet.

Feet blow-drying after showering Rule number one, in order to reduce the risk of athlete's foot, is according to the dpa report, to keep the feet dry, i.e. to dry them well after showering and possibly even blow-dry them. It is important that the shoes are not too tight, but rather airy. In addition, the same shoes should not be put on two days in a row and then taken off as often as possible. Slippers are recommended for shared showers and towels and socks should not be shared with others.

Long-term treatment Nail fungus can also be favored by an injury to the nails, certain skin diseases such as psoriasis, circulatory disorders, for example due to diabetes, a weakened immune system or a family disposition. According to the agency, the fungus can be treated with special varnishes from the pharmacy or treatment sets, for example with a urea-containing cream. Patience is usually required for the treatment. Some of those affected have to apply the varnish for over a year. Tablets taken orally are often more effective, but they also have more side effects and interactions. (ad)

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