Perfume obviously makes you more confident

Perfume obviously makes you more confident

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Survey: Two thirds of Germans feel more confident with perfume

Three quarters of women and men in Germany feel more cared for when they have applied perfume. In two thirds, the fragrance increases self-confidence. This was the result of a representative GfK survey commissioned by "". According to this, most Germans have more than one fragrance.

Women usually own several perfumes. 64.7 percent of the survey participants stated that they felt more confident and 77.8 percent more cared for when using perfume. Women in particular feel more attractive thanks to a fragrance (73.0 percent). For the survey, 2,130 Germans aged 14 and over were interviewed, 1,086 women and 1,044 men.

63.7 percent of the participants use a perfume if they want to make a good impression on someone. Over half (53.5 percent) said they had more than one scent that was used depending on the occasion. However, while only 36.9 percent of men own multiple perfumes, 69.5 percent of women have multiple fragrances on the shelf. 47.2 percent of the survey participants (62 percent of women and 31.8 percent of men) also stated that they liked to try out new perfumes. (ag)

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