Finally relief for freelance midwives

Finally relief for freelance midwives

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Midwives receive liability allowance to offset the financial burden

Many midwives feared the massive increase in premiums for professional liability insurance for their professional existence and the professional associations have warned urgently of an imminent end to obstetrics. Last Friday, a solution came into effect that initially removes these concerns from midwives. The central association of statutory health insurers (GKV-Spitzenverband) and the midwifery associations agreed on a model that guarantees freelance midwives in obstetrics so-called "liability allowances".

The agreed compensation of the increased private professional liability premiums applies retrospectively for freelance midwives with obstetrics from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015, according to the GKV umbrella association. The liability allowances can be "calculated in addition to the relevant items for obstetrics," reports the association. The solution found would meet the latest requirements of the legislature to "particularly support those midwives who care for few births." The freelance obstetricians can therefore breathe a sigh of relief, because the cost increases in professional liability insurance are borne by the statutory health insurance companies.

Higher allowances per birth "In total, statutory health insurance provides 2.6 million euros for the liability compensation of midwives with obstetrics," said the GKV head association. Specifically, this means, for example, "that a midwife receives a supplement of € 132 for a home birth per day in addition to the roughly 707 euros." For births in a facility managed by midwives (e.g. a birthplace), the allowance is 68 euros per birth. A midwife in shift work in the hospital also receives € 8.81 per birth as an allowance. The staggering of the allowances is primarily intended to support midwives who have comparatively few births, reports the GKV head association. Already in May, the GKV head association agreed with the German Midwifery Association (DHV) and the Federation of Freelance Midwives in Germany (BfHD) to balance the increased premiums for freelance midwives without obstetrics.

Liability allowance limited until 2015 According to the GKV umbrella association, the liability allowance is limited in time until mid-2015. After that, the allowance should be replaced by “a midwife-specific security surcharge”. In the future this could be applied for by midwives who only look after a few births. This would also ensure financial compensation here. According to the will of the legislature, such a surcharge should also be based on individual evidence from the midwife. Here, for example, the number of births under care and quality issues could be taken into account, reports the GKV head association. "Details for this security surcharge from mid-2015 will be negotiated between the midwifery associations and the GKV umbrella association in the coming months," the association said. (fp)

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