Vitamin D: ten minutes in the sun are enough

Vitamin D: ten minutes in the sun are enough

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Just a few minutes in the sun provide the body with enough vitamin D.

Vitamin D is particularly important for bone formation and is also linked to the immune system and various other health aspects. Vitamin D can only be supplied to the body to a limited extent through food, but the body's own vitamin D is formed in direct exposure to the sun or in contact with UV-B radiation. Dietary supplements with vitamin D are therefore normally not required, but they can be helpful in exceptional situations, reports the Society for Information on Vital Substances and Nutrition (GIVE).

A stay of around ten minutes in the sun is currently sufficient to produce the required amount of vitamin D, reports the news agency "dpa", citing information from the Society for Information on Vital Substances and Nutrition. On the occasion of an overview study published at the beginning of April, which came to the conclusion that nutritional supplements in the form of vitamin D supplementation are of no use, GIVE has pointed out the weaknesses of the study in a current press release and pointed out possibilities in which a nutritional supplement might be with vitamin D can be useful.

A large part of the population is insufficiently supplied with vitamin D According to the GIVE, an insufficient supply of vitamin D can also be found in a large part of the population in Germany. However, the deficits can be countered relatively easily by “staying in the sun and eating foods rich in vitamin D (such as fatty sea fish)”. However, GIVE does not share the complete rejection of the vitamin D supplements. Alternatively, it is "also possible to tackle vitamin D deficiency with dietary supplements or fortified foods", according to the GIVE. The importance of sufficient vitamin D for health is made clear by the statements of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), in which vitamin D is essential for the normal development of bones and teeth in infants and toddlers, the maintenance of normal bones and teeth and one functioning immune system and a healthy inflammatory response is described. EFSA also mentions maintaining muscle function and reducing the risk of falling as an advantage of sufficient vitamin D supply. (fp)

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