With sports against menstrual cramps

With sports against menstrual cramps

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Menstrual pain can be alleviated through exercise

Menstrual cramps are a relatively common complaint. Before or during the menstrual period, the women affected sometimes have considerable pain, which they can put a massive strain on in their everyday life. Movement is difficult for many to think of in this situation. However, moderate physical activity could counteract the complaints, reports the “dpa” news agency, citing the testimony of the renowned sports scientist Professor Ingo Froböse from the German Sport University in Cologne.

According to the expert, physical exercise has a relaxing effect on the muscles, which can help relieve menstrual cramps. Sport is also a good remedy for the depressive moods that can often be observed. However, it is important that you do not exercise too intensely during menstruation, as this can lead to an irregular period or even the absence of the period. According to Prof. Froböse women should only do sports if they feel able to do so. Those who suffer too much from menstrual cramps do not have to force themselves to move.

Efficient in menstruation not fundamentally restricted An attempt to tackle the menstrual pain with moderate exercise such as a walk, however, cannot hurt. Women also don't have to worry about overwhelming their bodies. Contrary to popular belief, women are just as productive or even more productive during their menstruation than at other times, reports Froböse in the press release of the "dpa". This has been proven in numerous studies. Here two thirds of the women tested were able to get equivalent or better performance during exercise during menstruation and less than a third of the women deteriorated. According to the sports doctor, women are most productive in the period immediately after their period, which is probably related to the increasing estrogen level. Competitive athletes would sometimes try to take advantage of this effect and steer their cycle so that important competitions fall into this phase, reports Froböse.

The experts from the professional association of gynecologists in Munich (BVF) also point to the positive effects of endurance sports and long walks during menstrual cramps. In addition, the use of painkillers for period pain is critically discussed here. Herbal medicines are recommended instead of conventional pain relievers. Only in extreme pain can conventional painkillers be used under the supervision of a specialist. (fp)

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